SCENCE CLEANING recognizes the impact our actions can have on people and the environment. To this end, health, safety and the protection of the environment is always of primary concern in our planning and decision making.


  • To conduct business in a respective and caring way towards all people and the environment.
  • To improve our safety, health and environment performance.
  • To comply with all applicable legal and agreed requirements.
  • To promote co-operation with clients and stakeholders to ensure health and safety at all sites.
  • To employ technology and methods at all times to ensure an inherent safer work environment.
  • To actively share the vision of a safe and healthy work place and environment with all staff.

We will endeavor to manage our cleaning company in an ethical way that strikes an appropriate and reasoned balance between economic, social and environment needs. Our cleaning company commitment to a cleaner and healthier environment also extends to our use of chemicals and the suppliers of these chemicals. No benzene, phenols, phosphates or aldehydes are used in any combination. All harmful cleaning ingredients have been replaced with environmentally friendlier cleaning ingredients and all chemicals are to conform with international standards in biodegradability.

Proof of Material Data Safety Sheet: Put in place appropriate measures to control hazardous spills.